Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our diamonds are sustainably grown in laboratories. This means that we say no to Environmental Pollution, Wildlife Displacement, Groundwater Pollution, Deforestation, Cartel Pricing, Child Labor, and Displacement of Local Communities.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

Lab-created diamonds have exactly the same appearance, chemical composition and properties as diamonds mined from the Earth's crust. The manufacturing process takes place in a controlled laboratory environment by recreating the processes that occur in nature when diamonds are formed. Using high temperature and pressure, diamonds are grown from seeds, which consist of carbon atoms from existing diamonds, which can grow to the desired size. This process takes millions of years in nature and about three to four weeks in a laboratory greenhouse.

It is very difficult to distinguish a lab-grown diamond from a natural diamond and this requires special equipment and expertise, with an ordinary loupe (10x magnification) it is virtually impossible to tell the difference. Lab-grown diamonds are assessed and certified according to the same criteria as natural diamonds, but it is always clear from the certificate that the diamond is lab-grown.

It is important to emphasize the difference between lab-grown diamonds and diamond imitations such as Cubic Zirconia. These manufactured imitations do not have the same chemical makeup as a diamond, nor do they have the same durability or luster. Imitation diamonds can usually be distinguished from natural or lab-grown diamonds with the naked eye.


Our lab-grown diamonds are certified by IGI, GCAL or GIA, which are three reputable institutes in the industry. IGI are the ones who have come the farthest in terms of certification of lab-grown diamonds. Thus, we mainly work with IGI when certifying lab-grown diamonds. A certificate is obtained for round diamonds with a carat weight of 0.50 carat and above. Feel free to contact one of our experts for more information.