If you are interested in trying some of our rings, you can make a free home loan of up to three ring models. We send the rings as registered mail via PostNord and you can pick them up at your nearest PostNord Service location.Our test rings are available in various mixed colors and diamond sizes, and they are size 18.

Please note that they are not available in all metal colors and that they are made of silver and have fake stones.

You can borrow up to three rings free of charge per customer and keep them for up to three days. If you want to borrow the rings again, we charge a shipping fee of SEK 350 for return shipping. You can use the attached sticky note to return the shipment (either by placing it over the old label or on a new padded envelope) and hand it in at the nearest PostNord Service point.

Important! Be sure to keep the receipt you receive when you hand in the shipment to the agent, as it is required for our transport insurance to apply.

Please note that a fee of SEK 2,000 per ring will be charged if the rings are not returned to us.